NordVPN Netflix – The Complete Guide and Review

NordVPN is one of the most popular options among VPN users and it receives lots of praise from the experts. With the help of NordVPN Netflix, watching US Netflix is now possible from anywhere in the world.

NordVPN has the feature-rich and straightforward interface to satisfy power users. With several realistic features, NordVPN receives the attention of people.

Furthermore, It offers plenty of choices for fast connections as well as region-free online surfing.

Besides, NordVPN Netflix provides specially tuned servers, which deliver fast P2P downloads, DDoS protection, better encryption, and much more.

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Notable Features of NordVPN

  1. Unlimited server switching up to five device connections

  2. Custom software for desktops, tablets, and Smartphone, an easy-to-access VPN experience

  3. Affordably priced subscription plans for businesses

  4. Unlimited bandwidth

  5. No restrictions on P2P or torrent downloads

More Features of NordVPN Netflix

Features of NordVPN Netflix

  • NordVPN possesses several specialized servers for VPN power users.

  • Among them, P2P servers are notable for file-sharing traffic.

  • Another exciting feature is that if you run any file sharing programs on non-P2P servers, it will automatically take you to the dedicated option of P2P.

  • People will also get three dedicated TOR servers, which will help them to combine the anonymity of VPN with the TOR network.

  • The excellent thing regarding this feature is that you do not need to use the dedicated TOR browser, as NordVPN Netflix japan will handle all the routing and configuration for you.

  • All you need is to connect to one of the VPN servers.

  • There are also Anti DDos and Double VPN servers for individuals who inclined to utilize them.

  • The purpose of double VPN is to offer you extra anonymity by routing your traffic with the help of two VPN servers including Taiwan and Hong Kong or the US and Canada.

  • Meanwhile, Anti DDos offers more stable connection in order to increase the stability of the checking system.

  • For people who usually blocked or not allowed to connect to a VPN, NordVPN Netflix Reddit provides obfuscated servers to make the connection much more comfortable.

Services of NordVPN Netflix

Services of NordVPN Netflix

  • The above-stated feature will also add servers in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, which brings NordVPN’s count up to 60.

  • There are also dedicated IP servers through which you can buy an IP address for your use.

  • The static IPs are accessible in Germany, UK, Netherlands, and the US. One new feature would be the inclusion of a server-level antivirus and built-in blocker called CyberSec.

  • NordVPN allows six devices to connect simultaneously using a single account.

  • It provides applications for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android and proxy extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

  • It will also have tutorials on using NordVPN on Linux, routers, Chrome OS, and Raspberry Pi.


  • The overall average speed of NordVPN Netflix 2018 increases to some extent.

  • Last year, the score was just 39.43% of the base velocity across five different countries.

  • Now, the count rose to 49.33% that seems to be a gain of about ten percentage points.

  • Almost all the nations enjoy more than the acceptable speed for video streaming and several other demanding tasks.

Privacy, Trust, and Anonymity

  1. NordVPN ask you only for an email address & password while creating an account.

  2. Anonymity is really possible while paying cash because payment methods are done through credit card, Bitcoin, or Paypal.

  3. The privacy policy of NordVPN unequivocally states that it does not log your activity.

  4. NordVPN is a Panama-based company with a perfect business address.

  5. However, the organization does not list any information regarding their team members on their site.

  6. Though NordVPN is a security firm, they do not disclose any identities of their staff or management because of privacy reasons.

  7. Even though the company says that it will not track you, it’s terms of services explains the use of tracking cookies for administering the site, analyzing trends, gathering demographic information, and tracking movements of their users around the site.

NordVPN Installation – Fast & Smart

Unbelievably, getting started with the NordVPN Netflix UK server is much like a piece of cake. After creating your account, you can visit the download screen where almost everything you need is laying in a neat grid.

NordVPN supports all major device platforms and operating systems with both OpenVPN support and custom software.

If you want to make use of L2TP protocols or need an alternate set-up file, you can able to download the configurations.

NordVPN Supporting Platforms

  • Windows 7,8,10, XP, Vista (OpenVPN GUI, custom app)

  • Mac OS (Tunnelblick, custom app)

  • Android (.apk download, Google Play custom app, OpenVPN)

  • Linux (.ovpn config file)

  • iOS (OpenVPN, app store download)

  • RaspberryPi (.ovpn config file)

  • Router (Tomato, DD-WRT)

For iOS and Android users, accessing the NordVPN application for their device is now feasible through iTunes App and Google Play Store respectively.

Also, Android users will get a standalone .apk file for manual downloading and installation.

Mobile VPN Apps

Finding the right balance between a wealth of features and convenience is the biggest challenge found in creating mobile applications.

Without a doubt, NordVPN Netflix Apple TV becomes an incredible one because of its mobile software.

Mobile VPN Apps

People will love everything they encounter. The main features of the desktop software make a risk-free transition to mobile. Once you start the app, you will able to see Nord’s map with the entire server network marked with pins.

Try to tap one and get a small menu, which allows you to connect automatically to the fastest server available in the country.

You could also take a quick glance at the individual nodes present within the country, offering a list that is sorted by a load, distance, or in alphabetical order.

If you think that looking at the Nord’s map is not enough for you, NordVPN app will also feature a full server list that you can check at your leisure time.

The specialty servers with things like anti-DDoS and Double VPN are at the top, whereas the rest of the country locations listed alphabetically.

Though you do not have any sorting options, you will be able to get what you need along with the map without any hassle.

The bottom of the VPN app will feature a “quick connect button” that you can tap to connect to the fastest VPN server immediately.

The button turns green if you are connected, and it would serve as a disconnect toggle to help you in order to know and to change your status easily. The options available in the mobile apps are as same as the desktop software.

Android features CyberSec, which is quite useful when you travel or do lots of surfing on your mobile device. You could also switch between UDP and TCP, turn on obfuscated servers, and change auto-connect actions.

Virtually, everything you want to get benefit from a solid VPN experience is accessible just one or more taps away.

Server Network of NordVPN

The impressive network of servers is one of the best advantages you obtain from NordVPN.

The list is continuously expanding to 1,094 servers in nearly 61 different countries, which represent almost all the contents except Antarctica.

However, the top three covered areas are the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia including Japan and Hong Kong. You will also get locations like South Africa, Iceland, New Zealand, India, and Russia.

A considerable number of nodes will help you find a reliable connection regardless of the place where you live. The selection of specialized servers is the ideal feature of NordVPN’s server network.

These provide everything ranging from increased anonymity to double encryption, all without the necessity of downloading or configuring separate software.

In case your everyday activities need special consideration, just click and then connect to any of these nodes. Many of the Netflix users use NordVPN to download movies from Netflix.

NordVPN’s Specialized Servers

NordVPN’s specialized servers

Onion over VPN

For incredible anonymity and privacy, NordVPN Netflix server list will have a feature build into its software and server network.

The onion network becomes famous because of Tor, which is an approach to wrap data in several layers of encryption and then, pass it through a collection of servers for boosting anonymity.

The onion network servers found in Sweden, Latvia, and the Netherlands.

Anti DDoS

If you do lots of gambling online, you know about a DDoS attack. Direct denial of service is an essential method to bombard a user connection along with an overwhelming amount of unwanted data and requests.

As an outcome, the connection will slow down, forcing people to drop out of their game. DDoS attacks are also possible on websites to force shutdown.

To avoid these attacks, make use of anti-DDoS servers that are ideal for online gaming. In general, there are many nodes available in the United States together with a few in Germany, Italy, and Canada.

Double VPN

There is no doubt that 128-bit AES encryption is very tough and will take several years to crack. NordVPN and other VPNs utilize 256-bit AES encryption, which is exponentially stronger.

Double VPN helps you encrypt your data locally and pass it through two servers, which encrypt your data once again.

If your concern about third parties who stolen or checked your sensitive information, double VPN put those worries in rest.

Nord provides a wide range of servers with nodes in Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States.


P2P networks are the hot topic among the VPN fans. They naturally divulge IP and location details with every peer to which they connect. That is why employing a VPN is extremely important while downloading.

Surprisingly, some VPNs strictly block or restrict P2P connections because they slurp up tons of bandwidth and even, make the entire network of NordVPN Netflix slow.

NordVPN will have a neat solution since P2P connections only allowed on dedicated and finely tuned servers that designed to take care of the load.

In case you connect to the NordVPN with the help of P2P software, you will automatically redirect to any of their P2P servers. Also, you can manually choose these nodes when you go for download.

In fact, NordVPN has several dozens of servers throughout Canada, US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Norway, Singapore, Australia, and much more. The stable distribution will serve most users through a reliable connection.

Dedicated IP Address

If you connect to any virtual private network, you will automatically assign a non-local IP address to share with other users. While using a shared IP, you will get many advantages including increased anonymity.

The chances are high for everyone to cause trouble for anyone. But, if the IP of someone banned, everyone who uses that IP would also ban. Therefore, NordVPN creates a workaround.

A dedicated IP address intends to give you an opportunity to stick with the similar IP address across all your internet activities. Though you still gain the feature of anonymity while using a VPN.

You do not need to deal with the random individuals for getting your IP address banned.  Also, you will able to make use of networks and websites demanding a stable IP address.

However, you do not need to re-verify your identification on financial sites, which require every time changing your IP. Anyone can connect to a dedicated IP server, yet they will not avail the advantages of stable IP.


  • No logs

  • Unblocks Netflix

  • Specialized servers, which offer double encryption along with anti-DDos

  • Excellent software design equipped with smart mobile apps cater to both power users and VPN newbie

  • Great speeds

  • Great price

  • Live chat support


  • Killswitch is application-based instead of system-wide

  • Torrent and P2P connections limited to some servers that may affect your speed If you will not locate near the nodes

Final Words

Without a doubt, NordVPN is an astounding all-around service, which manages to attach to the basics devoid of feeling simplistic.

Power, speed, and customizability are some factors, which make NordVPN an excellent choice for everyone.

Whether you are a heavy P2P or torrent user, try to use NordVPN Netflix servers list to assure that you are getting a reliable connection.

The money back guarantee is also available for you. Everyone will definitely wonder how the specialized servers of NordVPN will change their online experience.

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