How to Get Netflix Free Trial 2019 (Step-by-Step)

There is a vast array of features of the Netflix free trial. These features have mostly helped Netflix grow as it has today. Netflix is an online streaming app, which has broken the market of the UK in the year 2012.

They offer online streaming of videos for the populace. They are one of the leaders in the realm of Over-the-top (OTT) content. Netflix has turned around the entire conception and idea of OTT.

They are the company that brought the popularity and fame to the OTT market. This American OTT media services broke the UK market to start with and now is over a span of the entire world except four countries.

In the 20 years that it has been functioning, Netflix has come a long way. In only the recent times is it recognize as a major alternative to TV and another entertainment programming.

There is an estimate of about 70% adults below the age of  31 will not be using TV by the year 2035. For now, Netflix has about 125 million subscribers worldwide.

Netflix has always been known for their frequent offers. Their most famous one is the Netflix free trial. Apart from being an advantage to the users, it has proved to be a successful promotional process for the company.

Owing to the offer, Netflix has gained a huge number of subscribers. There is an offer from Netflix relating to the students who are interested in Netflix content.

This offer enables the student groups to avail of a specific range of content for a cheap rate. Though the student offer is not available anymore, the offer for a free trial is always available.

There is no subscription for the first month. Hence if you do not want to continue you can cancel the trial any time in the first month. From the second month onwards, the charges are accounted.

If you like, the site and want to continue with the services, you can pay for it and continue.

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How does the Netflix Free Trial work?

The most famous promotional strategy, which is also a major attraction for the users, is the Netflix free trial.

1:- Choose your Plan.
How does the Netflix free trial work

2:- Select and Continue.

How does the Netflix free trial work?

3:- Create your account.

How does the Netflix free trial work?

4:- Sign up How does the Netflix free trial work?

The first month of usage of your Netflix account is completely free of charge. However, you still need to provide your credit or debit card details for further reference if you want to continue the services.

If at all you want to discontinue the services and delete your account. You can do so without any charge within the first month of your trial. You have an option of canceling your trial anytime through the user-friendly interface of Netflix.

There will be properly informed updates for you as to when and until what date will your free trial last.

This info will be notified through the Netflix account, appease well as your personal email and even on your provided contact number through a text message.

They offer three basic plans for the unlimited screening of videos. The basic one is of $7.99 providing one person screening and a DVD, which are delivering to you at an additional $7.99.

You can also avail for 2 DVDs at the price of $11.99 monthly. The plans are dependent on the number of screens that you will be available. You can share that with any other persona and pay for the subscription by dividing the cost between the number of screen users.

The Step-by-Step free trial of Netflix is a beneficial offer, which helps the company, attracts a lot of customers. You need to sign up for the trial offer and can access the Netflix catalog of videos, series, movies and much more.

The payment methods provide for your convenience, so that after the free trial is over if you want to continue there is no hindrance in the service.

How to avail the Free Trial on Netflix?

The free trial can be availed on the first-month usage of your Netflix account. It can be canceled at any time within the specified period.
How to avail the free trial on Netflix

Here is a guide on how to avail your Netflix free trial in a Step-by-Step manner and Services of NordVPN Netflix.


  • You need to have a valid email id, which doesn’t already exist in the Netflix database. You need the email to sign up for the Netflix account where you can avail the first month services for free.

Official Netflix Website

  • You need to go to the official Netflix website or download the Netflix app on your phone. In the official site, there is an option of sign up for new users.

  • Click on the ‘Join Free for a Month’ button and you’re just a few steps before enjoying Netflix for a month free of charge.


  • Netflix has 3 major plans, which are available for the user. The plans differ from each other by the number of screens and the quality of streaming.

  • According to the plan, the price also differs. You need to select the particular plan of your choice.


  • Thereafter you need to fill in the various fields of the registration form. You need your email address and password for this. After all the fields are filled duly, you must click the ‘Register button.

Payment Method

  • The last step in the process is the filling up of your payment details. You can choose to pay through your debit/credit card or via PayPal.

  • These details are necessary for your smooth service after the first-month free trial. There will be no deductions of charge for the first monthStart:

  • After the fields of your payment methods are completing, all you need to do is to click the ‘Start’ button. This will open you up to the entire catalog of Netflix.

  • Here is how you can avail your Netflix free trial for a month. This is an amazing offer that was initially exclusive to only Netflix, from the OTT media market.

Features of the Netflix Free Trial

Netflix has come up with this offer for quite some time now and it has worked to be a successful strategy for them and their marketing aspect.

Features of the Netflix free trial

This first month free trial of Netflix has a number of exclusive features. These various features of the Netflix free trial are as follows:

First Month

  • This Netflix free trial is an exclusive offer that is offered by the company to the customers. It is an exclusive offer, which is available for the customers only in the first month only.

  • This offer is provided to the customers with the view that the customers can check whether or not the Netflix subscription is going to be helpful for them, through the trial.


  • The process of registration to avail the free trial is a simple and fast process. You need to fill up your email and password information.

  • Thereafter you will need to select your suitable plan; having done that, you need to put the payment method and you’re ready to go. After the registration, you get to avail the first-month free trial.

Payment Info

  • The payment information is available so that there is no hindrance in your services after the first month if you decide to continue with the subscription.

  • You can pay through PayPal, or Credit / Debit cards. You need to fill up the various fields on the payment page to proceed the registration and then avail the free trial.

Content Catalog

  • The free trials will provide you will almost all of the programs and videos available on the Netflix database.

  • The video resolution, however, may not be of very superior quality. The rest of these features can be available when the user is subscribing for the channel.


  • The registration process helps you avail the free trial and this, however, is different from being a subscriber. The registration does take your payment details.

  • But no bill charge against you until you continue the benefits even after the first month. After you start the second month, you subscribe to the Netflix services.


  • When availing the first-month free trial there need to be no worries about the cancellation of the services. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

  • Within the first month, no charges deduct for the trial and cancellation. You have the liberty to cancel without any charges in the first-month free trial.


This free trial offer has helped in a number of ways. The advantages are plenty and owing to the pros of this offer, the company has continued this offer for so long. The various pros or benefits of this offer are as follows:·

The chance to try

  • It is always a risk if we buy or pay for some new product, which we don’t know anything about. Similarly, Netflix may be a new product for many of the beginners. This offer gives them the chance to try the services themselves.

  • They can decide whether or not it is apt for them. The services continue if they find it worthy. If not they can cancel the trial at any time within the trial period of one month.

More Users

  •  The offer has helped the company in multiple ways bringing in more and more customers due to the free first month. As a result, the company has gained more than lose.

  • There is a statistic that shows that about 40 to 50 percent of the trial users actually subscribe from the second month. It may look like a loss for the company.

  • But the number of trail users is so much that the subscription of 40% of them is more than enough to provide 100% of that many men with free trials for a month.

Cancellation Ease

  • The Netflix trial is not like the other marketing strategies, which will pester you to purchase the product. It gives you free experience and lets you decide whether or not to avail it. If you don’t like the services or believe that it is out of the budget.

  • Then you can cancel it at any point within the trial period. The option of deleting the account, which will result in any charge being incurred on you.

Easy Registration

  • Often these free trial registrations are so tedious that many people stop half way. However, the Netflix free trial registration is quite easy and short.

  • You need to fill up the email id info and then the payment info and then you’re good to go. If not satisfied, you can cancel the registration whenever you wish to.


There are a number of advantages of this free trial. However, there also are a few cons or loopholes in the trial that may be still improved. Some of the cons that this free trial has are as follows:

Catalog of Content

  • The content catalog is not to the fullest. It isn’t all that Netflix produces that is offered. In the first month free trial, Netflix doesn’t provide you with all the programs and content that it actually has or owns.

  • Some of them are saving to be provided to you once you subscribe to the channel on the second month onwards. This can be taken as a con as it pushes away a few users who expected the missing programs to be there.

Resolution Quality

  • Similar to the content catalog problem is the resolution quality issue. Netflix doesn’t provide the packs with high-resolution programs for the first month during your free trial.

  • This is because they keep the ace up their sleeve. They want to save the best for later. However, disappointed with the resolution many first time users cancel the trial.

Payment Details

  • There is a lot of fraud and hoaxes that are infecting the cyber world. People are often not willing to provide their payment details or info online.

  • They have trust issues for such things. Netflix could provide the trial for free without any payment details.

  • The second month after gaining, the trust of the users could settle in the payment details. As a result of this, there would possibly be more subscribers at the end of the first month.

Final Words

This is a popular and benefiting offer. Netflix provides helping the users understand the content and also experience the products. The offer has gained them a lot of users as well as fame. The pros of the trial outweigh the cons.

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