How to Install Netflix on Kodi (Complete Guide)

Now, The good news is you can install Netflix on Kodi also. Once you combine the goodness of Netflix and Kodi together, you can get to see all your favorite shows online, whenever you want.

Netflix is getting hugely popular among the young generation.  The types of shows it is delivering are of high quality and prevalent in modern society.

Those, who get irritated with the family drama and mindless comedy shows, Netflix is for them to watch something new and interesting.

The latest version, Kodi 17 Krypton is really an amazing open-source media player which is perfect to access Netflix service. But, to get the access, you need to install Netflix on Kodi.

Here is detail information you want to know while installing Netflix on Kodi.

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What is Netflix? 

Today, people are bored of television shows. You will surprise to know that lots of people cut television lines every year. And now, there is Netflix and you can get amazing contents over there.

You love streaming, finding your favorite show, but here you will get to know more about it before having the guide to install Netflix on Kodi.

Actually, it is the authentic streaming option for the home-based television audiences. Netflix started its journey around 20 years ago.

Then, the system was a subscription-based DVD service when they mailed DVDs to your home directly. This service is still on while in 2007, Netflix brought its streaming service.

It allows its viewers to watch numerous TV shows on-demand and ad-free movies. It’s only ten years that Netflix becomes one of the most popular names in the world of entertainment by producing critically acclaimed shows.

Presently, Netflix is offering numerous ranges of shows, from stand-up comedies to fantasies, from social contents to classic movies.

How does Netflix Work?

You must have used Netflix already. So, you know streaming Netflix is super-easy. If you are a beginner, you will find it so. While checking out the contents on the Netflix website and app, you will find a small plus sign there.

How does Netflix Work

  • You can click it to add things from the queue for later viewing.

  • When you start Netflix, your queue will be empty. Don’t worry as Netflix is using your queue to refresh and fill with new contents.

  • You will find several rows in your queue with lots of options for television shows, movies, game shows, sports, and other contents, each is sort by their genre.

  • If you are a regular visitor of Netflix, it will know your viewing habits and you will get suggestions of shows of your genre.

  • The library of Netflix is full of hit movies and shows; especially since you can get old and new classic films that may not be stream on television.

  • Now, if you stream Netflix, it is quite common that you will be worried about data usage.

Let’s Find out How much Data Netflix Uses

  • If you go for Basic video quality, it uses up to 0.3 GB of data per hour.

  • For standard video quality, it uses up to 0.7 GB data per hour.

  • You can get high video quality uses up to 3 GB of data per hour. It is for HD. If you use Ultra HD, it will use up to 7GB per hour.

  • You can get automatic video quality that is determined by your connection.

  • The unlimited data use gives you the highest quality of video streaming. Therefore, the rate will be higher than usual.

  • Along with streaming, you can also download videos to your tablets and smartphones so that you can get entertained whenever you want, even while traveling.

  • You can subscribe to any of these three tiers- Basic, Standard and the Premium. Choose the one according to your plan.

What is Kodi? 

If you are a TV buff and love to watch movies, serials, game shows and lots of different types of programs, Kodi is the best thing you need for you.

Initially, Kodi was designed for Microsoft Xbox that is popular as Xbox Media Center (XBMC).

What is KODI?

But, Kodi has rapidly spread its wings and built a community of its own. Kodi is managed by a non-profit organization, XMBC Foundation.

Numerous coders around the world are engaged in modifying and upgrading this software relentlessly.

Kodi came into the scene in 2003 and from then it has been shaped by more than 500 software developers and over 200 translators.

Therefore, it has become very easy to customize Kodi by installing add-ons and they are absolutely free.

Isn’t that amazing! Another wonderful thing about Kodi is, it not only can install on your laptop, but also on your android phone and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What is Kodi Netflix Add-On? 

Certainly, you have heard of NetfliXBMC. It is the Netflix add-on for the famous media entertainment center, Kodi. This add-on is available on an alelec repository.

What is Kodi Netflix Add-On

Once you install it, you can check out the interesting and original series on Netflix along with other contents. But, before that, you need to know the essential steps to install Netflix Kodi.

How to Install Netflix on Kodi (Guide)

Are you from outside the United States? Then, you are going to need a solid VPN that is NetflixXMBC. This alelec repository will be helping you on this mission.

To enjoy your favorite shows on Kodi, you can now follow these best guides to install Netflix on Kodi.

1. Get the Alelec Repository

  • This is the first and the most important step.

  • You need to download the ‘Repo’.

  • Search over the Internet and you will get the link from where you can download it.

  • Just save the zip file and remember where you have saved it.

2. Download and Install the Kodi App

  • The next step is to get your Kodi app ready.

  • Get ready to download it, launch it and don’t forget to navigate it to the settings menu.

  • You will get a pop-up window once your downloading gets complete.

  • Go to the cogwheel sign on the left side upper corner for going to the settings menu.

3. Go to the ‘System Settings’

  • Once you click on the ‘Settings’ menu, you will get an option, ‘System Settings’.

  • From there, you will be directed to the ‘Expert Mode’.

  • You will find a cogwheel sign at the bottom left corner of the screen.

  • If this is the first time you are doing this, you should start from the Basic mode and then go to the Standard and Advanced Mode.

  • Once you are done with these modes, go to the Expert mode.

  • When you are in the Expert mode, go to the add-ons menu and you will find there ‘Unknown Sources Option’.

  • As soon as you get the Expert Mode, you will find the add-ons menu.

  • Enable the ‘Unknown sources option’ from there.

  • You will get the warning ‘pop-up’.

  • You need to choose ‘Yes’ over there.

  • Thus, you can install the ‘alelec repository.

4. Install the ‘Repo’

  • In this step, you need to return to the home screen of Kodi and click on the add-on’s menu.

  • Remember, this is another directory and not the same one that you have seen earlier.

  • But, you should not get confused. Just be patient and follow the following steps.

5. Get Access on the Add-on Browser

  • This is the next important step you need to follow.

  • You will get it in the middle of the app.

  • You will get the option ‘Install from zip file’.

  • But, if you don’t see it, don’t worry.

  • If you have sent it to a different directory, press backspace and you are there.

  • If you get all confused, you just need to type the opened box icon on the top left corner.

  • You will be on the add-on browser and now click ‘Install from.

  • zip file’ from the list. Once you click it, you will get a notification that the add-on is successfully installed.

  • Be happy!

6. Install Alelec Kodi Repo

  • You are almost complete.

  • It may seem the process is taking longer, but while you do it practically, it won’t be that much difficult than it seems.

  • In this step, you need to go back to the add-on browser of Kodi.

  • Now, you will get a list of options from where you need to choose ‘Install from Repository’.

  • Once you click it, you will get ‘Alelec Kodi Repo’.

  • Click on it. Go to the next menu and you will find ‘Program add-ons’.

  • Choose it.

7. Launch Chrome and Select NetfliXMBC

  • After all these steps, you are on the easy one now.

  • Here, you will get just one option available on the add-ons menu.

  • That is Chrome Launcher.

  • What you need to do is to install it and enable it.

  • Now, it’s time to wait for a bit as it will take time to get the notification of being successfully installed.

  • Hopefully, you have successfully installed it, go to AlelecKodi Repo.

  • After that select Video add-ons and also you should select NetfliXMBC.

Now, You Are Done! 

Now, here you are! You’re almost close and there are small steps to finish it. Return to the Kodi home screen. There, you need to select videos, and the add-ons and finally the NetfliXBMC.

Later, you need to login to your Netflix account quickly and you will get Netflix available on your Kodi 17 Krypton player for always. These are the steps you need to know while installing Netflix on Kodi.

Here, you need to remember one thing. The add-ons of Kodi’s Netflix integration are not official. That means, each time you update it, there is a risk that the add-on may stop working.

But, you don’t need to worry much. If the add-on stops working, you get two options to recover from it. First, you can change the add-on, and the next option is that you can change the media player.

Enjoy your favorite shows now without any interruption.

How to Setup Netflix on Kodi Android? 

Waiting for the next episode of your favorite show on Netflix is like killing you out of curiosity. Why wait so long if you can watch it on your phone?

If you are an avid Android user, now, you can watch your favorite Netflix show just by installing it on your Kodi Android. You can also like to use NordVPN Netflix.

Here are the following Steps to know How to Install Netflix on Kodi Android

  1. In the beginning, you need to download the Kodi app from the Google Play Store.

  2. Next, you need to launch the Kodi app and download the Alelec repository.

  3. The next step is to select the add-ons from the home screen.

  4. Once, you are complete with these steps, go to the Package Installer. You will find this on the top-left corner of the app.

  5. Now, you have to click install from zip file. Find Alelec repository file and select it.

  6. You need to unzip it first and then go back to the add-ons.

  7. You will get the option ‘Install’ from the repository.

  8. Click on the Alelec Kodi repo and then go to video add-ons.

  9. You will find NetfliXMBC on the video add-ons screen. Double-click on it and install the add-on.

  10. Once you complete up to here, you can go back to the home screen and go to the video.

  11. Then, go to add-ons and open NetfliXMBC

So, you are done! Netflix has been installed successfully on Kodi Android. Now, you can enjoy any show at any time without waiting for opening your computer. So, here you get ideas about installing Kodi on Netflix.

Final Words

Also, you can Install it on your Android as well as a laptop.

Watching amazing shows on Netflix outside the USA is no more a problem now.

Choose what you want to watch and watch it from anywhere, anytime.

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