How Does Tinder Work (Beginners Guide)

Tinder is a dating platform for the world’s most well-known dating sites for meeting new individuals. We provide everything you need to know how does Tinder work.

Beginners How does Tinder work and How to use Tinder without Facebook. Since it got launched in 2012, Tinder has been helping the singles to find their perfect date.

Since the dating app got launched in the market. It has become a popular part of the culture and has been documented, parodied, excoriated as well as extolled.

The average user who uses this app is summed up to be somewhere around 10 million with over 26 million daily matches as well as more than 1.4 billion swipes every day.

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What is the Tinder App

Basically, Tinder is a dating App platform which allows people to find a perfect match for them. To use Tinder, you need to make a Profile in the App.

And then provide the information it asks for such as your Name, Age, and your Sexual preference.

Then start surfing. You will get plenty of recommendation for this app. If you like someone from the App, you need to swipe right.

How does it work

If you don’t like someone, you need to just the opposite, that is to swipe left.

When ‘the person you swiped right swipes you back, you will get a notification which would be saying “You have got matches”, then you can start chatting with your match over text.

There are also some additional features that tinder provides such as Super like that is when you like someone, and you want to send them a notification that you liked them directly, you will need to swipe up.

In this way, the user will get a direct notification, and if they like you back, both of you can start chatting. But, the number of free swipes is restricting to the free version users.

And moreover, in the free version, whenever some like you, you won’t be able to see them until you do the mutual swipe.

If you want to see who likes or swipes you, you need to get the premium version which would cost around a few bucks, and it is affordable, and it is worth it.

With the help of the premium version, you can see who has liked you. Moreover, the number of swipes for this is unlimited, and the number of super as you can also do increases.

So, if you want to find matches easily and quickly, then going for the premium version would be a great choice for you. In the Tinder regular version, you will find matches who are only located around you.

Who knows, you may even get in touch with your neighbor girl with whom you have been dying to talk for ages. But, in the premium version, which is also known as the Tinder plus, you have even better options such as changing your location.

How does Tinder work?  

  • If you don’t want you to a neighbor to know that you are using Tinder, then you can go for the Tinder plus.

  • Moreover, in Tinder plus, you will also be provided with the ability to hide certain information such as hiding your age or location.

  • In Tinder, you can also link your Instagram profile, Spotify as well as your Facebook account if you want people to know more about you.

  • Tinder has been helping millions of people to get the perfect match for them.

  • No matter if you are up for Hookups or for a serious relationship, Tinder can help you out with all of it.

  • To get the perfect date for yourself, you need to have some interesting picture in your tinder profile along with an interesting bio and links to your social media sites where people can know more about you.

  • There are plenty of people who have found the perfect match for a hookup.

  • And there are also some people who have found their perfect life partner.

  • There have been many cases where people have found interesting matches on Tinder which they have been searching for ages.

  • How does Tinder work So, let us have at some of the most interesting features of Tinder which all the people should know about?

Interesting and Unknown Features Of Tinder

No matter whether you agree or not, tinder has found its way to the life of society. It has been able to help millions of people to find their perfect date.

Features Of Tinder

Though most people have used Tinder and found an excellent match for them. Only a few of them foes know about the hidden features of Tinder which the tinder doesn’t want us to know.

So, let us have a look at some of the interesting and hidden feature so tinder which tinder has been hiding from us in plain sight

1. The Attractive Profiles Get the Priority 

Yes, whether you believe it or not, if you do have an attractive Tinder profile, you will keep shown first in the Tinder recommendation list.

It has been found that the first 15-15 profiles that you will find while you open the app are the profile of the attractive users who haven’t swiped right for you.

This is a special technique used by Tinder to show people that there are plenty of hot users in Tinder who are waiting for you to swipe right.

That is actually a very common technique which is used by almost all the dating apps for getting more and more users for their app. This is actually a kind of bait used by the app owners.

2. People Who will Like will Start Coming Next 

Of course, Tinder wants you to find a match for yourself.

So, after the first ten to fifteen matches, you have swiped right in vain. You will start getting the profiles who have actually liked you. But they do not give in simultaneously.

There will be profiles between them who haven’t liked you. This technique does help to keep your interest running in the app.

This is one of the wisest technique use by the app to keep their users engaged in the app.

3. All the Profiles have an Attractiveness Score 

Well, this is indeed very true. All the profiles get a score for their attractiveness. The more attractive your profile, the more you will get a score. These scores are known as the Elo score which the user get base on their profile.

The scoring is based on many factors such as how many people swipes your profile right. How many photos you have in your Tinder profile.

Though all the components of the Elo score are not known yet, this is enough to make your profile interesting.

The more score you will get, the more you will come up as a suggestion in the profile of others. The whole algorithm for the Elo score is said to create in just two months.

4. If you are a More Active User, Get Ready to be Rewards  

It indeed is true. If you are an active user, you will get a reward from tinder. For example, if you frequently visit the app and swipe left or right. You will keep shown more often on other’s profile.

This is actually a very wise feature use by Tinder. You don’t want to lose your precious swipes on the profiles that are hardly active and stop using the app.

Moreover, your activity level will also be based on the amount of conversation you have on a daily basis.

So, if you mark as an active user by Tinder, make sure you don’t only keep swiping. But also have a lot of conversation with your matches.

5. Be Selective and Get Rewards

Well, if you randomly swipe left and right, the chances of you getting the perfect match gets low. So, if you want to get a perfect match for yourself, make sure that you are choosy on the profiles.

Someone who randomly swipes left or right on profiles would mark as a bot by the Tinder. But, don’t get too choose as it will also reduce your chances of getting the perfect match.

So, it always recommends staying between the two of it to get the perfect match for you.

6. The App Constantly Monitors You  

Be careful of what you are doing in tinder as Tinder is constantly monitoring you. Well, no matter what you are doing on Tinder. Whether you are swiping left or swiping right, you monitor by Tinder.

The app would monitor Even the conversation you will be having. The lengths, as well as the frequency of your conversation, optimize by Tinder for giving its users the best possible user experience.

Moreover, the more depth is there in your conversation; the more you will keep reward with the attractiveness score. And your attractiveness score clearly indicates your activeness on this app.

7. Beware of the Cheats  

As per the survey in the year 2015, there are more than 54% users on Tinder who are actually not single and have been there to cheat on their partners.

So, beware of this kind of fraudulent unless you are ready to date someone already committed. It doesn’t hurt your ethics and morals.

8. New Locators Get the Priority 

If you find aliens in your location in your Tinder account. It is because of the Tinder feature which helps the users who are new to the location to find more matches.

Try moving to a new location and find out how many attractive profiles you get every day.

9. Tinder doesn’t Ask for Any Questions  

In a survey, it found that the apps which ask for much information from the visitors lose the maximum no of potential users of their app.

So, tinder made sure that they don’t ask many questions from the users so that they don’t turn off from the app.  Many of the users have complained about asking too many questions to be intrusive and alienating.

10. Tinder Prefers your Preferences 

For the people who are new to tinder, well, stay for some time. Tinder will start providing you with profiles that will match your taste.

It has recently found in some study that the more the users are staying active on their profile. Tinder provides with the results which will suit their taste.

11. Users Information are used for Scientific Researches

Well, believe it or not, everything you do in tinder is being constantly monitor and records on the server. Tinder which later uses for scientific researchers.

Moreover, the photos which use by many computer technology companies for improving their face recognition as well as for improving the recognizing various genders.

Though this is a complete breach of the privacy policy Tinder argues. They only share some information which doesn’t fall under the privacy policy.

So, now that you know this vital information make sure that you don’t share way too much information on Tinder

So, now that you know the various hidden features of tinder. Let us have a look at some of the interesting way which you can apply to make your profile interesting and getting more matches.

How to Increase Your Tinder Profile Attractiveness

Tinder Profile Attractiveness

  1. Smile – Well if you think that pouting makes you attractive, then you are gravely wrong. Smiling in photos increases the chances of up to 40% of getting more matches.

  2. Don’t post many group photos – One is okay, but two is too much. This is a major rule you need to know while posting group photos in your Tinder profile.

  3. Have an interesting bio – The bio of your profile says a lot about you. If you don’t have an interesting bio, the chances of you getting any matches to decrease by 40%. There are plenty of funny tinder bios you will find. Read them and get a general understanding of how to make your profile interesting.

  4. Link your social media profile – Instagram will reveal your creativity side and Spotify will reveal your musical taste. And what can be better than finding matches you have a similar taste to you.

Final Words 

So, now that you have educated about tinder install and open your profile to get interesting matches every day. Make sure that you use the techniques for getting more matches.

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