How to Download Best Shows and Movies from Netflix 2020 Guide (Step-by-Step)

Netflix has become one of the most favorite online streaming channels and if you need to download movies from Netflix then you are in the right place.

From young teens to adults, Netflix has managed to hook up generations in front of their original and unique contents. Apart from its exciting and own contents, Netflix also streams all the famous and most loved series and movies.

With just a single subscription, your entire gang can stream all the favorite domestic and international contents and enjoy them in your free time.

From thriller to comedy, from the romantic saga to historical drama, from medieval fantasy to detective saga, Netflix has every genre that will cater to varieties of the audience.

That is the secret of the success of Netflix around the world, and it has contents for everyone and NordVPN Netflix, watching US Netflix is now possible from anywhere in the world.

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All About the Ultimate Internet Entertainment

Netflix is the over the top media distribution channel that was founded twenty-one years ago and is continuing its journey till now entertaining the mass audience around the world.

With the advent of Internet connectivity all over the world, Netflix has gained dominance over television watching.

Many people are ditching their regular cable every year and switching to the digital streaming media like Netflix App for Windows for the ‘ultimate chilling on the couch.

Because many television channels are continually broadcasting the same old movies for years. Also, often the television drama is filled with weak storylines and cliché dialogues.

Such over the top boredom with respect to the content and execution is gradually losing relevance among the audience.

Netflix is like fresh air in all these ordinary and traditional ways. Being an online platform, you can access the contents of Netflix in any device that supports the display of video and internet connectivity.

So now, you do not need to worry about missing your favorite shows or series while you are stuck in the traffic. Just turn on your computing device or mobile device and go to your Netflix account.

Guide to Download Netflix Videos

The world of entertainment will be at your fingertips. The best part is that the qualities of the videos that are streamed are excellent and have high definition sound quality. So Netflix is the best platform for that.

If you want to download videos/movies then please follow our step-by-step guide to do so.

Step 1 – Go and Sign In on Netflix

Netflix login

Especially watching movies has become a big deal owing to our busy schedule. You may have missed a movie date with your friends due to work pressure, and now you are regretting it.

But with the Netflix, you would not get even a chance of regretting to lose the show of your favorite movie. Most of the latest movies are uploaded in the Netflix at regular intervals.

Now you can enjoy your favorite movie with just one Netflix account. The advantages that you will reap if you join Netflix are.

The number of the collection that the Netflix boast cannot be beaten by any other television channel or streaming channel.

The selection ranges from Comedy, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Psychological suspense and many more sub-genres that you can rarely feel to miss out.

  1. Not only series but you will get to watch all the latest favorite movies of you create an account in the Netflix. Netflix is indeed an ultimate source of entertainment.

  2. Apart from the film, you can also stream cartoons, educational videos, travel videos, sports clips and many more. With so much to offer for, Netflix is genuinely unique in its s approach towards entertainment.

  3. Whenever you are watching a suspense movie and going to witness the critical event of the scene, suddenly from nowhere, irritating advertisements begin. Your mood really gets spoiled.

  4. It really causes disturbances to the natural flow of which you were enjoying the movie. Most of the time, you really crave for the uninterrupted fun. That is entirely possible with Netflix.

  5. With Netflix, you do not have to worry about unnecessary advertisements popping now and then.

  6. But the fascinating aspect about Netflix is that you can stream it just with a stable Internet Connection. That’s it! Unlike all the other television channel where you need to have a cable connection or digital set-top box connection to access to the channels.

  7. Even if there are other streaming media channels like Netflix, they need to have an Internet Connection from a specific Internet Service Provider.

  8. But Netflix only needs internet and a device where you can watch. Be it the laptop, tablet, television, Smartphone, desktop or phablet. Netflix could be stream anytime and anywhere.

  9. In the television, often you will see that a series or a film have a particular timing when it broadcasts. Not anymore with Netflix. Netflix will enable you to binge watch any movies or series nonstop.

  10. You can now keep yourself entertained with your favorite e movie or serial constantly thanks to the constant availability of streaming the movies anytime and anywhere.

  11. The easy to use interface and the easy availability of the Netflix among any browser and internet service provider will even make it easier for kids to use.

  12. Every menu and options are bright and crisp with clear clarity to Netflix download offline viewing or stream the movies, series, videos, documentaries, cartoons and many more with just one click.

Now if all the above reasons are enough to get hooked up to Netflix, then you can start your movie marathon journey on Netflix by first creating the account on Netflix.

Now, you just saw that Netflix could be stream on any device with an internet connection. Just like its accessibility via multiple devices, you can also sign in to Netflix in numerous ways.

You can either sign up to your new Netflix account via logging in through the website, by Download Netflix App.

Step 2 – Account Sign Up Process  

If your television supports Internet connectivity and streaming. Then you can achieve it by selecting Netflix channel from the television streaming device.

If you are streaming through the device like Roku, then you need to sign prior via the website. While in smartphones like the iPhone, you can start the signup process directly via the application.

Now take a look into the process by which you can sign in to Netflix regardless of the device.

  1. Whatever the device you are using, you can always create an account in the Netflix by visiting the website

  2. After providing all the necessary details like username and password, you will get a one-month free trial subscription and also get Netflix free trial.

  3. After one month, you need to pay a particular amount of rental for the plan that you have chosen.

  4. While signing up, you will have to choose the option for the payment of your subscription via credit card, debit card, PayPal or prepaid Netflix card.

  5. Do not worry, If you wish to cancel the subscription then you can cancel at any time by clicking the link. The Email sent to your registered email address before your free trial period ends.

  6. After clicking on the ‘Join Free for a month’ button, you will be redirected to a page where you have the option to choose from the three Netflix plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

  7. Next, you need to select your payment method and enter all the payment details.

  8. After accepting the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and confirming the payment method. you need to click on the option ‘Start Membership,’ and you can finish the procedure of account creation.

  9. Now you are welcome to the world of unlimited movies and series. You can watch, browse, select, stream, and download, whichever way you want to continue your enjoyment.

Step 3 – Go to A Movie Marathon  

Go for a Movie Marathon

Now if you are thinking to download the movies on your device.  Then you need to download the Netflix application first. The download option is, right now, supported in the Netflix application itself.

To download the Netflix application, first, you need to go to the Application store of whatever the platform you are using, (currently supported in Android, Windows and iOS platform) and get Netflix application.

When the Netflix application appears, click on the ‘Download‘ option.

After that, if you are using on the phone then click on the Open option. If you are downloading on the laptop or PC, then click on the Install option.

After that, you can generally go to the home page of the Netflix app and browse for the movies that you want to download. If you are a Windows user then you can need to update your OS to Windows 10 first.

So, after downloading the Netflix application, here are the detailed steps as to how to download movies from Netflix on Mac and other computing and mobile device.

Step 4 – Take a look to Download Movies from Netflix 

Take a look to download movies from Netflix

Check if your Netflix application is up to date or not. This is for the users, who already have Netflix application pre-installed in their device. To check the data usage, many users’ switches off the auto update option.

Viewing the movies offline is available only after you update the Netflix app to the newer version. So if by chance, you’re unto update is turned off, then go the App store and click on the Netflix app.

You need actually to go for the 9.0 or later versions. You can opt for the same option even on the Google Play Store. For Windows 10 users, you need to select on the ‘Store’ option from the taskbar or the ‘Start’ menu.

Click on your user icon, and from there you need to select ‘Download or Updates‘ option. Select on the option ‘Check for Updates‘. After that, your Netflix app will get updated.

After updating your Netflix app, start the app and select the download quality in which you wish to watch your movie. Currently, Netflix is offering you two varieties of download-Standard Definition and High Definition.

The High Definition is mainly between 720p to 1080p resolution. If you have a lesser amount of memory and want to download your movies faster than you can opt for Standard quality.

But if you are watching on a laptop or computer, go for High Definition without any second thought. So from the ‘Menu‘ option, scroll down and click on ‘App Setting.’ From there you will find the ‘Download’ option.

From there click on the option ‘Video Quality’ and there you need to select your desired video quality. You can change the quality at any time following the same process.

You need to first watch out for the movies that one is download movies from Netflix. That can find it in a separate section call Simply Available for Download.

Not all the movies that are there are available for download. So you need to check for the movies that you can watch later offline.

Click on the ‘Menu’ bar that you will find at the upper left corner of the Home Section. From there you will see the option mentioned above. Search for your favorite movie from there to download.

After getting your desired movie, you now want to download it, So click on the ‘Download’ icon that is there in the on the film that you wish to download. Click on that, and the movie will start downloading.

Android users cannot change the path of the download for the movies. Your movies will get the download in the same path where you have downloaded your Netflix app.

If you download your Netflix app to phone then your movies get a store in the phone memory. So you need to download your Netflix app in micro SD card if you want to download movies here.

After downloading the movies, you will find all the offline in the ‘My Downloads‘ section. You can see it just above the Home section.

You can watch those movies whenever you are not connected to the data. Click on the thumbnail of the film and your film will start playing.

Final Words

Hope you enjoy your new movie marathon on Netflix. It is indeed an excellent way to keep you entertained. So subscribe to Netflix today and dive into the world of entertainment.

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