How to delete Tinder account (Guide)

Follow a step-by-step guide to delete Tinder account. One of the easy ways is to uninstall the application, but that might tempt you to install the application.

Therefore, it suggests deleting the Tinder account such that you are completely out of touch from the application.

Of all the known matchmaking applications, Tinder is one of the famous that have been operating by most of the adults. Gone are the days when dating was only meant for only extrovert individuals.

With the advent of the dating applications, it has been possible to find your match when the preferences seem to match each other and Use Tinder Without Facebook.

However, Tinder has changed the way people find love these days. There is a wrong notion that Tinder is meant to satisfy your lust, go for one-night stands.

whereas it is way more than that as you can get to make friends, some might be interested in it. But to the others, who are fed up with this game of love and want to turn off the notification and delete tinder account.

some of the steps are illustrated further. People might think that some guys sign into Tinder to get women easily and that’s true to some extent. It is more likely to call it a number game.

On the other hand, tinder is one such platform where men get to absorb rejections. Even after that continue to search for their ideal match.

They give their best effort and keep on swiping right until they end up finding. The best match whom they ask for a date out even if they might break up after some time.

If you think to stop the endless and random swiping left and right to get the ideal match.

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Deleting the Application from Mobile Devices

First, you have to open the application, and tap on the profile icon and then go to the settings options from the screen that comes up.Deleting the Application from Mobile Devices

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and opt for the ‘delete account’ option. You will go past the logout button and version of the application to get to delete account option.

  1.  At this stage, you would have the option to pause the account in case you wish to come back and deactivate the account. As you choose the option to pause the account, the profile will not show to the new matches, and it would remain private.

  2. Soon after this, you will be prompted for an option to choose the reason why you are planning to delete the account. So, you can select any of the options that suit the best.

  3. Following this, depending on the option that you choose, an additional information dialog box pops up. It has a ‘submit and delete account’ button.

  4. Once you click on it, you successfully log out of the account. In case you again want to log in to the account, you will have to create a new account.

Deleting the Application from a Browser

The easy step-by-step guide of deleting the Tinder application from the browser would help the users.Deleting the Application from a Browser

  • Open the application via the browser of your choice. You have to log in to the application account by entering the valid credentials.

  • From the upper left portion of the screen, you have to click on ‘My Profile’ option beside the profile picture.

  • Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you would get the ‘delete account’ option.

Do you think deleting Tinder Application would delete Tinder account?

Deleting the Tinder application does not delete the account. When you delete Tinder account, it permanently deletes the messages, likes, matches and other details in the application.Tinder Application would delete Tinder Account

It should also be known that deleting the account does not cancel your subscription if you ever opted for Tinder Plus subscription.

As per the rules of the application, even if you delete the account, the information provided while signing up for the account is retained by the application.

Therefore, the information would still be available to share with other users and access third-party users as well.

How to remove Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold Updates?

When you want to delete your Tinder account, you can also cancel Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. Simply deleting the account will not unsubscribe you from the updates of Tinder’s premium facilities.How to Remove Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold Updates

Therefore, the step-by-step guide to cancel the premium service from an Android device is illustrated below.

  •  You have to open the Google Play store application.

  • Then you have to tap on ‘menu’ options and then click on ‘my app’ from the drop-down list and then click on Subscriptions.

  • From this, you have to click on Tinder to withdraw Tinder Plus subscription of the application.

In Case you access the Tinder Application on an IOS Device

Follow the Step-By-Step Guide as mentioned below.

Tinder Application on an IOS Device


  • First, you will have to open the App Store application and the scroll down at the bottom of the page.

  • You have to tap on your Apple ID and choose the ‘View Apple ID’ option.

  • After this, you will have to sign into Apple account and scroll down and then clock on ‘subscriptions’ options.

  • From the drop-down list, click on Tinder subscription option and click on ‘unsubscribe.’

What would happen to your account details after deleting Tinder account?

It is a popular location-based application that is free to access. With the help of this application, users are able to access other profile that seems to be their potential match by swiping right on those profiles.

If the other person also happens to swipe right on you, then you are able to access the chat and messaging option and connect with the individual further.

The applications let you meet your significant other, and at the same time. While signing up for the application up.  you have to provide certain personal details post with bio in the profile.

Some of the Details are Mention Below

  • Email address, name, address and contact details

  • Facebook account details, and it should be a valid Facebook detail that would require to link the Tinder account.

  • Physical location to notify when you are using the application

  • Videos and pictures that you would upload to the Tinder account

After you have found your ultimate match or your love, it may happen that you wish to delete your dating application.

You can just delete the application or stop visiting the same. Will it be something wise to leave the account unused?

In case you are not visiting the account for more than a month when the other person who has previously expressed interest is going to assume that you are cheating on your match or you must have broken up.

What are the Probable Reasons to delete Tinder account?

  1. It might happen that there are no new people in the area to choose from.

  2. You feel that it is nothing more than a cheap market to get the right match click and there is no reason to consider yourself unlucky if nobody has swiped right on you.

  3. You honestly feel that there are better ways to get your real match. To some, it might be more validating to date your match in a pub, college, office or other places other than meeting them on a dating application.

  4. It often gives you a feeling that you are out shopping in a cheap market. It is so inhuman and shallow of human nature as you pick up your match depending on looks knowing that even they are doing exactly the same.

  5. The chances that you might end up swiping right a person who engages in his or her real life. Cheaters would also cheat, but it is definitely depressing and irritating to see that.

  6. It might often result in unpleasant situation to crop up between friends who are absolutely not desirable. This actually makes you wonder whether the person you are swiping right is a married individual or not.

  7. All these often might make you feel that the application is totally gross and only may be good as a good hookup application. More than 80% of individuals registering on this dating application turns out to be foul. Actually not looking for a partner in real.

  8. Every individual who is using the application is always looking for the best option. Though online dates have become quite common, there is still awkwardness when meeting someone via these dating apps.

  9. Meeting someone via friends, pubs, and parties gives a more organic feeling than meeting them via the applications.

  10. There are times when you simply run out of new choices of matches and feel like deleting the account at that moment.

  11. One of the advantages of using this application is that it helps to hone your social skills. You get to analyze people well by using this application. Only by looking at the picture, you try to analyze the personality and some behavioral characteristics of the person.

  12. You also tend to match some of them with yours. In case any person fails to start a healthy conversation, chances are still that you might not wish to talk with that person. sometimes even if both of you have swiped right one each other.

  13. Like other social media platforms, it has an addictive effect, and this is definitely not good for mental health. If you are not like or swipe right by any individual, there is nothing too low or sad about the fact.

  14. The profiles in the social media platform can in no way determine the person and prove to be judgmental without even knowing you in real.

Tinder affects Personal Life

Shall it be a good idea to delete Tinder account before it starts affecting personal life? The dating application is more or less likely to affect your personal life as all other social platforms do.Tinder affects Personal Life

It might often seem to be a shallow means of communication. When you come to know that the sweaty pictures of the guy have been taken to upload them on the Tinder account. Guys often start to prioritize quantity over quality.

In regard to this, some people tend to measure themselves base on the likes. that they have been acquiring on social media platforms irrespective of the fact. They do not like interacting with people in their real life.

Negative aspects resulting in delete Tinder account

Each person trying to get a perfect match on Tinder gets to swipe through hundreds and even thousands of singles with the hope to end up getting the right one.

With plenty of options to choose from, you often tend to take a bit of everything.

It proves that you lack the ability and positivity to appreciate one single thing in life.

This also reveals that the individual is suffering from indecision.

One of the obvious reasons for delete Tinder account one fine morning is that lately.

You get to realize that people are not always what they appear or present themselves on the social media platforms.

Also, trying to know a person through texts is simply a bad idea that would help you to judge the true self of the person.

Wrapping it up

Considering the foundation of your relationship, you are in constant doubt about where your relationship stands.

Often it seems like that both of them like each other a lot still fail to realize the actual closeness that should exist between the individuals.

With plenty of choices to choose that the online dating application offers. It might leave you often wondering why you are wasting time using the application. Would you ever be able to get in touch with your ideal match through?

Final Words

This virtual world or would it worth wasting any time in that application? To some, it ends up being a part-time job as they leisurely swipe left and right and finally end up deleting the account soon.

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