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In this technology era, the best way to communicate with each other is to text each other as people hardly get the time to call.

And since everything is digitalized, gone are the days when people used to use SMS service to send text messages to each other. Now we use apps.

So here, let us discuss about the 20 best texting app available for Android/iOS.

Before we start talking about the apps, note that these apps are available for different platform such as iOS and Android.

We have mentioned that in the list. You may choose the one you like from the list. Let us get started here-

20 Best Texting Apps and SMS Apps for Android

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger

If we talk about the top messenger apps available, WhatsApp truly deserves to be the first in the list as it is the most preferred messaging app in the world.

The app has an ultra secured end to end encryption due to which, the conversations you have stays safe and private. Like any other app, you can send messages, images, videos and GIF to each other while texting.

The best feature of WhatsApp is its free calling which only requires some internet and you can call anyone on earth. The app also supports video calling and the quality of their call is pretty neat.

Apart from that, you can also send your live location to anyone and can make your business profile on it as well. Personalization is always available from the font size, notification sound to the wallpaper. You are free to keep it customized.

Recently, the payment gateway feature has also been launched where you can send payments to your contact by using WhatsApp only. The app is totally free of cost and easy to use.


2. Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

If you are looking for a quick chat to the people who are using Facebook, then you can easily use the Facebook messenger app which is an app only works if you link it with your Facebook account.

It is again one of the most used and preferred app for messaging as it is free and convenient. For setting up your messenger account, simply log in to your Facebook account and all your chats will appear in the app.

It offers the features including voice calling, video calling, and texting. You can also send audio notes, videos, photos and any document to each other using the app.

For making the video conferences as well, the app works fine. Like WhatsApp, you can also use sticker, GIF and Emojis in Facebook messenger.

Apart from this, there is an option to play games and challenge your friends for the same. For security purpose, you can always block any user if they spam you.


3. Line

LINE Free Calls & Messages

LINE is again a known name in the list of top 20 best texting app. It is an app used for Android users only. The app looks normal but has many features that may surprise you.

You can make a private simple chat to anyone or group texting as well. Apart from this, you can make some personalized social network timelines through the app.

The app also supports voice and video calling ans you can use the app for as long as you want without paying for it.

In Line, connecting with friends is easier as you can do it either by calling or texting or maybe video calling.

You also can click and capture the memories by using the filters of LINE’s array. Your profile will be given a timeline where you can post these things.

Even though you can use the app for free by downloading it from the Play Store, it also has an option to opt for premium features.

However, it is completely your choice to choose premium or free.


4. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

The app Google Hangouts is used generally for the work related meetings. However, you are free to use it for your personal use as well. For using the app, you must have a gmail account through which you can log into your Google Hangouts account.

The app is also known as Google Messenger and this app is used for calling and video calling purpose other than texting. You can download the app from the store and it is available for all the OS.

For business meetings, this app is perfect as it is safe and allows users to send files and other important documents irrespective of their formats to each other.

Some of the feature of the app includes making a group chat of 150 people, calling anyone on their mobile number for free and can also call them via internet.

You can use the GIF, emoji and stickers available in the app. For inviting someone new to your account, you need to send them an invitation through their email address.

Over all, it is a free app and is fun to use.


5. Skype

Skype - free IM & video calls

If your main motive is to find the best Android messaging app for your meeting and video calls, then you don’t have to look further. Simply download the app Skype. Skype is one of the oldest and trusted app used since years for video calls and messaging.

You can totally trust the app as it is being used by more than a billion of people worldwide. The app is very easy to use and thanks to its modern UI, you will not going to face any issue in using the app.

If you are looking to download the app, you can do it through your Android or iOS device for free. There are many features available in the app where you can make calls inside the app to any of your contact or even if the person is not in the contact list, they can call you.

If you want to block them, it is easy and free. For video calls, Skype is the most trusted app due to its quality and services. You can call anyone from Skype. If you want to make a call to someone’s phone number, you will have to pay a good rate for the same.

The app also comes in premium version where you have to pay for the same. However, for using it free to, it has plenty of features to offer.If you are a business person who is looking to make a conference call, then Skype is the best for the same.

You can download the app and use it for free. However, you have to deal with the ads flashing on your app. It has the option to send files, video, audio notes and photos to each other. To make it interesting, you can use the stickers and emoji available in the app as well.


6. Evolve SMS

EvolveSMS - Simple Grey

Evolve SMS is another great messenger app for everyone. The app is available for everyone. You will be able to talk to the people who are in your circle through the app.

If you are not comfortable with small font, then you can easily customize it according to your own and make it large.

Apart from this, you also don’t have to think about the security of the app because all your messages will be secured in the app.

You can use the features like pop-up notifications, setting the specific conversation as private,sending video, audio and pictures.

The app is all over very easy to use and to send text messages all around the world to anyone using the app.


7. Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger - SMS & MMS

If you compare this app with the other known apps then it wouldn’t be fair as the app is pretty new in the list and hence, it is possible that you haven’t heard of it a lot.

However, that doesn’t mean that the app isn’t worthy at all and you can’t use it. You can use this app and it has all the features that any other app would have.

The app is specifically designed for people, who doesn’t like an app with all kind of features which makes it difficult to use.

If your aim to use it as a messenger app where you can send messages and receive them, it is perfect. The app supports dual sim. You can have group conversation in it.

For safety purpose, blocking is allowed to those who annoys you. You can customize the text font, notification, background and emoji according to you.

If you want to send someone a message without using SMS, this app is an apt for the same. Also, it has an animated GIF library so you can enjoy sending those GIF to anyone you like.

The best part of the app is that you can get all of this without paying anything for the same. All you need to do is to download the app and get started for free.


8. Signal private messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Are you a very private person who likes keeping his talks and messages personal and secured? Then this app named Signal Private messenger is for you.

It is among the best secured apps used for Android users so far. Signal private messenger is easy to use app where you can simply text anyone by using your mobile number.

There is no logins, passwords and username needed and hence, all you need is one mobile number and you can get started with the app.

The app is available for Android users where you can send the messages to other people with one click, can make groups to chat with, has end to end encryption protocol which is good for keeping the privacy of your chats.

You don’t need a lot of data to use in the app. Even if you have some MB, you can use the app without any issue.


9. Viber

Viber Messenger - Messages, Group Chats & Calls

Viber doesn’t need any introduction at all. The app is known for it good services and is perfect to get named in the list of top 20 best texting app.

Once you download the app, all your contacts will be updated to the app automatically. And you will be able to see who all are on Viber from your circle and who all are not so that you can invite them to join the app.

You can make free of cost video and audio calls to each other. You can text messages, send emojis, send stickers, pictures and etc. The app has an end to end encryption through which you can save the entire data from getting leaked in public.

You can keep it with you and the app also has an option called secret chat. This feature will allow you to delete a message you sent from your recipient’s chat but that is only allowed till some hours. You can make a group chat too where you can add up to 250 members.


10. Telegram


Gone are the days when Telegram meant a paper having a message. Now you can have a better and updated version of Telegram in this app called Telegram.

The app is being used by million of users. The best part of this app is that it is free and doesn’t have any ads to annoy you.

Telegram is mainly used by people to create their channel where they can send messages to more than 10,000 people at the same time.

Most of the people use this app for the same reason. However, this isn’t the only reason why to use Telegram for texting each other.

The app has many features such as making a group chat where you can add up to 100,000 members, sending photos and videos to each other and to make it better, you can also use the editing tool available in the app. You can send GIF and open stickers to each other.

Apart from the videos and audio, you also can give a call and can send videos and documents of different format. The app is safe, secured and very reliable one.


11. Snapchat


Snapchat is again an app used by million of users all around the globe. The reason is that you can share the videos and photos of here as well.

You can even share your own picture for some specific time and the image will go disappear after a certain time.

And the best thing is that it has a lot of filters to use where you can turn your look into something different.

Snapchat is safe and is free to download. You can simply download the app from the store and you will be able to use the app for free.


12. Band

BAND - App for all groups

Band is a big name among the messenger apps used by Android phones.

You can use the app and keep your group updated with everything. If you want to use it to chat to someone personally, this is available and possible.

However, if you are looking to use the app for making any announcement, scheduling things or etc, then too, this app is perfect to be used.

For using the app for your business use, it will be the best app to use as you can customize and track everything in your fingertips.

However, the only drawback in the app is that it may require an in-app purchases as well if you want to get updated with the recent features.

However, if not, then you can use and avail the features available for free of cost.


13. GroupMe


If you are looking for an app for a group texting so that it gets easier to manage things, then you need to use the app called GroupMe.

If we talk about the ratings, it has got one of the most highest rating on the store because it doesn’t hang and has all the qualities you are looking in a messenger app.

You can send images, make calls to multiple people at the same time, have a customizable user interface, can send photos and videos to the group and customize everything.

The app is completely free of cost and you can simply download it from the play store. You can make many groups and manage it easily.

If you want to text someone personally, this facility is also available in the app.


14. Slack


If your usage is for handing the business meeting remotely, then the app you need to download is Slack.

This app is pretty different from the other apps mentioned in the list. Here, this app will deliver myriad features which are good for team collaboration.

You can also edit and share any document and integrate it with the WIP with any cloud based services like dropbox, asana, google drive or etc and can organize it by topics for viewing it systematically.

Other options available in the app is to send messages, make calls and send images as well. You can also customize the notifications to keep it easier for you to control.

The best part is that the app is totally free of cost and you don’t need to get bothered with the ads as well.


15. Google Allo

Google Assistant - Get things done, hands-free

Google Allo is another messenger app from Google.

It has all the features you need in a messenger app. Features like sending messages, making audio and video calls, talking to people in a group chat, sending a broadcast message and etc, all these features are available in the app.

But the feature which is the main attraction of the app is the smart reply. It has a google assistant to send messages.

By using the app, you will be able to send smart replies to people without even typing anything. You just need to be vocal and say the word and the message will be sent.

It also has a feature called incognito mode where sending messages will be safe.


16. Textra SMS

Textra SMS

Textra is again a known app in the list of top 20 best texting apps. The app has many such features which is totally useful for the users.

Everything such as notification tone, background wallpaper, colour, emojis, contact and such things can be customized.

The app is free of cost which means you only need enough internet to use the app and nothing else. It is also end to end encryption safe which means all your conversations will be free.

You can text to anyone who uses the app. Simply use the app and talk to anyone you want to for free.


17. Kik


No matter how far you are from your group, you can always be in touch with the app called Kik. You can stay in touch with people you want to by simply sending them a text through the app.

Similar to other apps in the list, this app also comes with an end to end encryption which will make you send messages to other people without getting any issue of getting it hacked.

You can send messages, receive calls, make audio and video call both and can send different stickers, GIF and such too.

You also can send different formatted documents to others. The one good feature about the app is that you can also use the app for editing purpose.

It allows you the basic edits like to sketch, flip, crop and with some brightness options available.

The app is totally free of cost and you can simply download it from the Play Store for free.


18. Kakao Talk

KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text

Kakao app is the one which is use in Korea the most. The app works very similar to the one messenger app we mentioned, Band.

It also has features like sending multi media to your friends, has enough emojis available to keep you busy, has Android wear and voice filter too.

The best part is that you can use the app in both your smartphone and PC easily and the app is free of cost. Your messages in the app will be safe with the end to end encryption.

The app is free of cost to use however, for skipping the ads and available premium features you might need to pay for the same.



YAATA - SMSMMS messaging

YAATA is a new name in this list. However, the features of the app are pretty much similar to the other apps in the list.

It will remind you of the days when texting someone meant only sending a SMS. However, this is the app that does similar work and the space the app will only be 3.9 MB.

It has an ability to convert the SMS to MMS and it totally supports the multimedia. Taking the backup and restoring is simple like any other app and the app has a pretty layout.

If you are willing to pay for the app, then features like blacklisting people, night mode and speaker mode will be available for you.


20. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS (PhoneTabletWeb)

Lastly, you can also use the app called Pulse SMS which will keep your data safe and is convenient app to use.

It is indeed the amazing app here in the list of top 20 best texting apps.

You can use the app in both your phone and in PC as well. For using the app, just make an account and get started. You only need to use your phone number to start the account.

Note that the app isn’t a free one so you have to pay for using the same.

Options like backup and restoring the data will be available online and you also can use it in any of your dual SIM Android device.

The security is strong and anytime you feel like you don’t want to keep someone in your list, you can simply blacklist them.

Be it for sending a normal message or something related to work, be it sending a photo or a whole document or even a zip file, everything is available in these apps we have listed in the list.



All the apps in the list are different and for different purposes as well. We have mentioned both, free and paid ones which can be chose according to your usage.

If you have any other app we didn’t mention in the list, please let us know. Also, if you want to give a suggestion, do comment below.

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