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Best language learning apps of 2021 (Updated). Learn a new language at home no matter your style with these 22 apps beyong your mother toungue.

English is not a very difficult language but for sure is an important one. It is the language through which communicating with different part of world becomes easy.

You don’t have to know their language to communicate with them. Knowing English is enough in most of the cases.

However, some people aren’t well known with this language much because of which they face many issues. So here, we are going to discuss the 22 best language learning aaps.

By using these apps, you will be able to enhance your skills in the language. So let us get started. Just use best language learning apps for 2021.

Best Language Learning Apps for 2021 (Updated)

Increase Your knowledge!

1. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp (Best Language Learning Apps)

Beelinguapp is one of the best app in the list of top 22 Best language learning apps to learn English and other language. However, this app isn’t like other apps which are used to learn English.

Learn Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Korean, French, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Swedish and Japanese by reading text side by side.

Here, you are not going to be taught like a kid. Instead, you will be given some stories which you can listen and read in different language along with English. You will be able to find your native language in the list to keep is easy for you.

You can choose that and whenever you read something, it will also be shown in the language you are familiar with. Through this way, you will be able to understand what is written and you can learn phrasing the sentences as well.

This is indeed a good way to learn English for the people who likes reading stories and listening to it. So if you are interested in the way they teach, you can simply use the app and learn English easily.

However, if this way doesn’t suit you, we recommend you to scroll down and read next.


2. English Listening and Speaking

English Listening and Speaking (Best Language Learning Apps)

English Listening and Speaking no 2 in the list of top 22 Best language learning apps.

First of all, to use the app English Listening and Speaking , you need to have an android phone as it only supports android device. The app is for free of cost and hence, no need to pay anything to use the app.

In this app, you will be given some chapters to read which you can finish one by one only. It will be divided into six different sections from basic to advanced level. You can not jump to any level directly.

There are more than a million users in this app and it is totally free of cost. If you are not accessible to internet, you still can have their offline audio streaming through which you can enhance your speaking skills.

Apart from the chapters, you will also find some common phrases and idioms in English which can be used in our daily talks. You can read, learn and use those idioms to have a better command on the language.


3. Speak English Fluently

Speak English Fluently (Best Language Learning Apps)

Speak English fluently no 3 in the list of top 22 Best language learning apps.

Talking about one of the most popular Android English learning App, Speak English fluently is a free of cost app available for all the android users.

Like the app mentioned above, it also will help you in practising the idioms and general phrases we use in our every day communication. You don’t have to have internet everytime to use the app. You can use it offline as well.

If your focus is on your pronunciation more, then this app is perfect one as it will let you check how your pronounce by  reading the voice and comparing it with the original sentences pronunciation available in the app. You can do it yourself easily.

The app has around more than 5 Million users and all are doing well in it.


4. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English (Best Language Learning Apps)

BBC has its own app named BBC Learning English no 4 in the list of top 22 Best language learning apps. The app is totally free of cost and the best part is that you even don’t have to bear the ads shown in the app as well.

All the features the app has is for free. The app has many lessons in it through which you can learn English and they come to the app even before the original website of BBC.

Here, the app will allow you to access the different transcripts and will give you some random quizzes through which you can learn the language.

It also has some different audio programs like 6 minute Grammar, 6 minute English and 6 minute Vocabulary.

All these features can be availed to learn English. And if you download these programs once, you will be able to use it offline too.


5. FluentU

FluentU Learn Languages with videos (Best Language Learning Apps)

FluentU no 5 in the list of top 22 Best language learning apps.

Want some fluency in English? Then you just have to download the app called FluentU. This app is going to be a super useful app for making you learn English.

Here, you will be learning the language by using the videos and all the videos will be given credits too.

The app will show you videos which includes talk and music. You can choose the video you like to see and it will help you in learning the language in a fun way.

All over, it is a good app for people who doesn’t like watching videos.


6. Simply Learn American English

Simply Learn American English (Best Language Learning Apps)

For people aiming to learn American English, Simply Learn American English no 6 in the list of top 22 Best language learning apps can be useful. The app has two versions, freemium and premium. You can choose whatever is good for you.

However, in the free version, there are not a lot of things available as compared to the premium version of the app where you can have around 30 different categories.

There will also be some audio clips available which will be in a HD quality from the native speakers of USA and those clips will help you in getting a command over the language.


7. English Conversation courses

English Conversation Courses (Best Language Learning Apps)

This app called English Conversation courses is again for only android users and has around 20 lessons for everyone. In each lesson, you will see videos, conversation, vocabulary and sentence completion.

You can learn all these things from seeing just a video and these videos can be shared with different people.

Even if you are busy and feeling sleepy, you can on the app and listen the stories through which you will get a help in improving your speaking skills of English.


8. 6 minute English

6 Minute English - Practice Listening Everyday (Best Language Learning Apps)

6- Minute English app no 8 in the list of top 22 Best language learning apps is for those people who doesn’t have enough time to spend hours in learning the language.

Through this app, you will be able to improve your English by just giving 6 minutes a day. It has audio files, vocabulary list, transcript files and etc which can help you in learning the language.

All these programs can be used to learn the language.

To make it easy to understand, it will give you the phrases which are used in your common conversations and can be practised easily.

By using those phrases in your daily life, you can not only improve the language but also can amaze your friends by it.


9. Improve English- Word Games

Improve English Vocabulary, Grammar, Word Games (Best Language Learning Apps)

Improve English is another big name in the list of top 22 Best language learning apps. This app is mainly for the people who are familiar with the basic English but doesn’t hold a command over words.

Through this app, one can simply learn better words which can improve the skills. The app works on a simple and scientific al algorithm through which learning these words won’t be difficult for anyone.

One can learn a lot of new words from it and can also be able to use it in their daily lives. In short, it is good for building a good vocabulary. Not just the words but you will be able to learn the grammar, phrasal verbs and enhance the speaking skills.

Be it about writing it, reading it or speaking it, everything will be better with this app. It also is used to prepare for the big exams such as GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, CAT and etc. There will be some games through which one can learn the language better.

For this, the app uses the card style format and each flashcard will have a section for the users and they can also add notes in it. If the user thinks it is secure, they can opt for got it and get their learning package from the app.

The app also has a pro version where they provide better quality content which can help the user to have a good vocabulary.

It also has a feature called tracking through which the teachers can track the progress of their students.


10. Sentence Master Pro

Learn English Sentence Master (Best Language Learning Apps)

For those who likes using an interactive app for learning English, Sentence Master pro is the app.

It will interact with the user in a way that learning English will become an entertaining job for them. The app has many games through which user can learn English without any pressure.

It will help the user to make sentences and match the work together in order to form a sentence.

For playing the game, the app will give you some words in random format and users have to complete it and make a full meaningful sentence within the time.

Even if you know basic English but want to get better, the app has five levels from Beginner, Competent, professional and expert.

For the beginners, learning English will be through the spaced repetition system of the app. The doesn’t stop you from learning irrespective of your age.

Even if you are a kid, you will still be able to learn and improve your skills through the app. And if you are new to it, you still can find a good understanding here.

There will be many proverbs and idioms given unlike other apps which can be used in day to day’s life and users can get comfortable with it.


11. Open Language

Open Language (Best Language Learning Apps)

People looking for a variety of options to learn English, Open Language is the destination for them. Here, you can find a course that fits to your requirement instead of using the same unlike others.

And in every course, there will be some lessons which will also have the learning exercises which will be important to track your growth and know where to work on.

To keep it simple, if you are preparing for the business English, then you will be prepared for the things related to it like for conversation you have at work place plus with the interview skills which can help you in getting a job.

The app is pretty easy to use and these features of the app will make it easier for the people looking to polish their different areas.


12. Speak English conversation

English Conversation Practice (Best Language Learning Apps)

As the name suggests itself, the app is for those who are looking to enhance their speaking skills in English.

If you are looking to have a command over the communication skills, then you can simply use this app called Speak English Conversation, practice learning it and then record the conversations you do and listen how you sound.

It is mainly for the beginners of the English only. If you want to have a fluent speaking skills, you can use this app where you will be reading, learning, listening and speaking at the same time.

All the lessons in the app will also have the practice area through which you can track your performance. The best part of the app is that it just not only deals in English but various other languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese and etc.

You can simply use the app for learning any of these language if you are good at English. The learning process of these languages will be same as English so once you finish your course in English, you can move on to the next language.


13. Lindodeer

Learn Korean, Japanese or Spanish with LingoDeer (Best Language Learning Apps)

Lindodeer is one of the best app to learn English. It allows the users to interact and learn English in a contextualised and structured way.

People who are interested in learning English can simply use the app and follow the instructions.

There will be many exercises available in the app which will focuses in listening, reading and writing skills of English. It will be easy for the users to follow the app.

Through self-study, these English lessons and the subsequent review exercises focus on reading, listening, and writing skills to gradually reveal key terms, linguistic structures and rules.

Everything in the app is well presented so you can simply pick the topic that you need to work on and start completing it to enhance the skills.

If you are good at English, you still can use this app because you can learn other many languages as such all the European and Asian languages.

The learning process of these languages will also be the same. With the help of this app, you can learn English in a very similar way how students learn in their classes.

It is easy and all the things like vocabulary, grammar and other things will be taught here in an entertaining way.


14. Learn Languages- Rosetta stone

Rosetta Stone Learn Languages (Best Language Learning Apps)

Among all the apps in the list, the simplest and yet effective app is this one, Learn Languages- Rosetta stone.

The UI of the app is very easy to use and is modern. You can easily use the app easily and download it for both Android and iOS app store.

The app’s idea of teaching English is very similar to what teachers use to teach their students. They will give you many exercises to learn it and you have to complete them all.

You will find many different lessons in the app you can use and it is one of the best app if you want to become master in English.

You will also find some audio available in the app which can make you polish your speaking skills and helps in understanding the pronunciation.

If you are busy, it has an option to schedule the lessons with a live tutor. For people looking to have a better command on their speaking skills, it is a great app as the pronunciations available in the app will be by the native speakers.

It will help the user to get a better accent which is very important for the overall.


15. Learn  English with Babbel

Babbel - Learn Languages - Spanish, French & More (Best Language Learning Apps)

Learn English with Babbel is an app which will help the users to have a better conversational skills.

If you are someone who can read English but you hesitate in speaking the same because you are not perfect with the grammar, then this app can be your help.

It will also help you in building a strong vocabulary base and the app will make you learn the same by giving you some incomplete phrases which you have to complete.

It has four approaches, picture recognition, spelling, sound recognition and fill in the blanks. Through these different approaches, they teach you the language.

You also can custom your goal so that you can focus on your weak points instead of repeating what you are good at. All your progress will be tracked and your competition will be you, yourself.

In the app, lessons of how to give a self introduction, how to order good, how to make travel bookings and such important things will be taught. You will also be able to learn the phrases we use regularly.

Apart from this, if you are keen to learn more languages other than English, then this app has got more than 10 different languages to offer and you can learn them too for free of cost.

You can download the app for both iOS and Android devices as well and using the app will become easier once you get to know it.


16. Sentence master pro

Learn English Sentence Master Pro (Best Language Learning Apps)

Sentence master pro is an app which will not just help you in learning English but also will focus on all the aspects of learning.

The app is an interactive one which is the best approach to make people learn something. All the features and will teach you with a guide so that you can understand how it goes.

App will offer you some games to play like jumble sentences, where you have to form a sentence by your own and word guess.

You can complete those games in a particular time to have a good grasp. You will have different levels in the app according to the progress.

The five levels are, Beginner, competent, professional and an expert. You can always get promoted if you pass one level.

It is not a good app for an adult but for a kid too who is already learning the same in his school. It will help in achieving the level of proficiency in reading and writing of a kid.

The app is over all a good option to trust on if your aim is to learn English.

If you think that you know the basics, you can complete the challenges given and promote yourself to a higher level where you want to be.

By completing the challenges, you will be able to understand the level better.


17. Vocab Victor English Word Game

Vocab Victor English Word Learning Games (Best Language Learning Apps)

Vocab is another good app to learn the language English easily on your phone which makes it simple and easier to learn as you do not need to join any classes for the same.

In this app Vocab, you will find many word games which you can play and at the same time, you will learn the language well.

All these games level will be customized according to the requirement. The app is already being used by million of users and the reviews of the app also seems good.

The best part of the app is that you don’t have to get bored in playing one game everyday as the app will keep on generating new apps every time you use the app.

You can easily learn many new words with this app. It has more than different 15,000 words and over 130 million relationships between word which can be learned in a fun way.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users.


18. Tandem

Tandem (Best Language Learning Apps)

If you are still looking for more apps to learn English online for free, then you can use the app called Tandem and it may help you for the same.

The app is again one of the most recommended app to learn different languages and not only English. Talking about the interface of the app, it will be very similar to the app HelloTalk about which we are going to know next.

The concept of this language is different and fun to do.Here, you have to simply let the app know the language you want to learn and the language you have a command.

On the basis of that, you will be paired with someone randomly who is willing to learn the language you know. Now, you will be teaching them your language and in return, they will teach you yours.

You can use the voice and video calls along with audio notes, pictures and text to communicate with them.

The app supports more than 150 languages so it will be a fun place to learn. If you want some professional tutor, then you can use the paid version and get one for you.

For convenience, you have the option to pick any topic you want to learn about and the tutor will teach you the same.


19. Memrise

Learn Languages with Memrise - Spanish, French (Best Language Learning Apps)

Talking about the powerful and known app in the list, Memrise is the one for you all. Be it English or any other language, you can learn everything in this app.

Basically, it is a community app where they use different teaching methods. Be it vocabulary, conversational language skills, pronunciation guide, games or anything, you can use anything to polish your skills.

The app can be used offline as well if you are willing to pay for the same. And if we talk about the price, you have to pay a lot more higher price than you could have paid in any other app in the list.

However, the content of the app is worthy to spend money and you can easily learn English from the app.


20. Hello English

Hello English Learn English (Best Language Learning Apps)

Hello English is an app that deals in different 22 languages. The collection is wide in the app consisting 475 lessons, 10,000 word dictionary and many teachers available 24*7 to assist you.

You can choose the language you are comfortable in so that you can understand the phrases in English with the help of your own language. It also has an offline support.

Teachers available in the app uses video clips, e books, daily news and audio to teach their students and those who are interested to learn English are happy when we checked the reviews of the app.

The app is easy to use and you just have to make your account to get started. For using the app, you have to pay the price which can be per month or per year.

However, we suggest you to choose the plan yearly as it will save some money of yours and you would become a pro in the time.


21. Hello Talk

HelloTalk — Chat, Speak & Learn Foreign Languages (Best Language Learning Apps)

We have already discussed the name Hello Talk above in this article.The app is similar to the one mentioned above. You will get paired with each other and you have to follow the barter system to learn English.

For eg, if you know Spanish and someone who is well versed in English is looking to learn Spanish, then you can make him learn your language and in return, he will teach you the language you want to learn.

Even if you are not interest in English, you still can use the app to learn other languages. From the vocabulary, conversational language to grammar, they will be teaching you everything.

The app has more than 100 languages to offer and you can again use voice calls, video calls, pictures, audio notes and etc to teach each other. This app is indeed a good platform to learn English.

However, if you are totally new at it, we recommend you to make a base by using any other app mentioned in the list and once you are done with that, come back to this app and enhance the skills by practising with each other.


22. Voxy

Vocab Victor English Word Learning Games (Best Language Learning Apps)

Lastly, Voxy is an option to learn English irrespective of your level.

Be it advanced or beginner, everyone can use the app and the app will make some customized lesson for every student.

It will be on the basis of the interest and goals. You can tell the goal. For eg, if you want to enhance the speaking skills, you will be trained accordingly.

If you are looking for something extra, then you also can take classes from the certified native English speakers and they will help you through out.

Duolingo also Best Language Learning Apps for 2020. Learn a new language with the world’s most-downloaded education app! Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 35+ languages


Final Words

To get the best out of you, they will also be giving you the feedback to work on so that you can always improve yourself.

So these were some of the Best Language Learning Apps that you can use to learn English online without going to the classes.

We have mentioned every type of apps available for different levels, goals and for multiple languages as well.

You can use any of these apps and start your journey to learn English online without getting humiliated in front of anyone as the app will be personal and your data, name will be safe totally.

If you are eager to share your feedback or suggestion on the same, please comment down and let us know more about it.

Also, if you have used any language given in the list, please share your experience of the same.

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