2DS Emulator for Android, Windows PC, iPhone and MAC

There were many times when we wanted to play some game on our phone but couldn’t do so for various reasons.

Either the game version doesn’t support your operating system or the resolution of the game version doesn’t support your system either it’s your Android, iPhone, Windows PC or MAC.


At such times an Emulator comes to the rescue. It helps in running the programs or games not build for your particular device.

You merely have to download the specific 2DS simulator as per your device and start playing the classic games of all times.

If you were born in the 90’s, then you must be very much familiar with the Nintendo games. Even though there were not much graphics used for those games, still it will always remain as the best games of that time.

2DS Emulator for Android

Today you can download Nintendo DS simulators which will not only make your Android Smartphone a Nintendo gaming console but also give you a platform where you can play the full games of your choice.

Many emulator applications are available in the android market. Let’s have a look at some of the 2DS emulator for Android.

Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator is one of the applications which are available for free over the net. Coming with a lot of useful features, you can experience games in high quality and super fast speed on your Android phone.

Google drive saving all the files is one of the best features, and the game progress can be saved and resumes anytime.

The game’s 3D graphics gets enhanced to 2*2 times their original resolution, and fast forwarding the game can increase the emulation speed of the games.

It also supports add-on controllers and physical controls on every device. You also get the freedom to place buttons anywhere on the screen to get a better gaming experience, and this comes with the customization of screen facility for portrait and landscape facility.

Adjustment of visual quality and customization of controls is also available. And once you have started a game, you can choose between controls, gamepad or stylus.

The supported Android versions are Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich, Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, Android Marshmallow, and Nougat.

The Emulator download link is readily available over the net.


This 2DS emulator for Android application known for the user-friendly interface that it provides is also one of the free open source DS simulators.

Some of the best features that it offers are multiple language support. You can customize controls according to your requirement and comfort.

And if you want to challenge your friend, then you can also share games data to each other, and update the database.

You get a chance to run classic games through its slick graphical interface. It has got some of the advanced features like shaders, netplay, rewinding, next-frame response time, and many more.

This emulator does not come under the fast emulators available in the market, but still, it can an excellent choice for some regarding gaming.

Happy Chick

Happy Chick is one of the best 2DS emulators for Android available in the market. Even though this app is not available in the App store, but you can get it is readily available over Net.

It comes with a lot of advanced features. This app can be ease to all your gaming problems for you don’t have to download every game from an external source for playing.

You can play directly in the Happy chick emulator catalog, so you don’t have to use a separate tool to end up downloading files that may not even work.

It emulates all the 18 consoles in one single application and supports thousands of games which are compatible with these consoles.

Coming with an extensive database, it gives you get into the world of classic games like Streetfighter, Pokémon, Super Mario, etc.

Not only this, but you can also go for multiplayer or LAN support. This application can emulate games for playstation1, 2 or 3, Nintendo 64, MAME, Nintendo DS, PSP and practically any console on the market.

It also allows you to download Android games through its servers.

2DS Emulator For iPhone

Nowadays we hardly see someone carrying their DS for gaming as there are many 2DS emulators for iPhone which allows you to take multiple DS games on your iPhone.

Installing 2DS emulator for iPhone is a bit different from Android, as it is officially not allowed to install emulators in Apple phones.

There is a term called Jailbreak which comes into play here. There are some applications where you need to Jailbreak and somewhere you don’t need to Jailbreak.

Let’s have a look at some of the available simulator for iPhone where you don’t have to go through Jailbreak and which will help you relieve that classic retro gaming experience again


The GBA4iOS has brought a revolution in the handheld gaming industry. The primary focus of this 2DS emulator for iPhone application is the simplicity and speed.

After getting a positive response to the previous version, they have launched their latest version, GBA4iOS 2.0 with a lot of new features like Cheats, Airplay, Dropbox sync, and many more.

You will get an entirely new experience.

You get access to customizable skin color with the advanced Gameboy (color) games. One of the features which most of the gamers were looking up to was the Cheats.

Even though cheating doesn’t hear sweet in the real world, but it does in the gaming world. It gives the player a whole new level of freedom to you with what you can do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can listen to your favorite song while playing the game? Well, this application gives you that experience. You can play your music during games.

Delta Emulator

If most of the simulators are not working correctly in your device, then it might be due to the latest update of your device to iOS 10.3.

In such a scenario, Delta emulator will work correctly for you. This emulator is compatible with iOS 10 and higher.

If you want to experience a PlayStation or SNES, then this is the right simulator for you. The interface is slick and easily navigable.

This emulator is the next version to GBA4iOs emulator, with the latest features and has also rectified some of the errors and compatibility issues which they faced after the iOS version 8.1 came to the market.

One of the main features in Delta emulator is that there is no need to jailbreak. There are built-in Airplay, Dropbox syncing and wireless linking.

You can also choose from many skins from skin customization feature, contains cheat codes for games consoles and a lot more.

Some of the few emulators that it supports are Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.


Even though it did not get an update for iOS 9, but still it was quite popular on iOS 7 and 8. It was best for playing Pokémon games because it’s fast, easy-to-use, and powerful.

The emulator does not require bios to perform but needs ROM files, which can be downloaded and imported to your iPhone or iPad.

Some of the features that you get in NDS4iOs are Overall Pixel Grid, Vibration, Control position, Frameskip, Universal support, Dropbox sync, Auto Save and many more. NDS4iOS download from the net.

2DS Emulator for Windows PC

The emulator has been widely used to play games in windows PC. There are some best and working 2DS emulator for Windows PC that will allow you to play Nintendo games on your PC.


It’s a free 2DS emulator for Windows PC is an emulator with relatively light software that doesn’t take up much storage space.

The capital letters D and S in the name iDeaS implies Developers Systems. It’s available for users with Windows 9 and later versions.

A lot of commercial games like Super Mario 64 DS, Pokémon Diamond and pearl runs in this platform. The N64 emulator ultraHLE inspired the plugins that it uses.

Even though it is no longer under active development, it was a promising Nintendo DS emulator. You can download the 2DS emulator. APK file for windows from the net.


Available in only English, NeonDS is available for users with the operating system Windows 2000 and prior versions.

It is a relatively light game that don does not take too much free space like other games in the PC section.

Its usage is high among the gamers of the United States, India, and Israel.

Its compatibility is reasonably good, and it runs on a few of the commercial games. It is an advanced emulator for Nintendo’s popular Nintendo DS handheld system.

The optimization is noteworthy, obtaining up to 60 FPS. And also the use of tactile screens has been solved in this by using the mouse.

Both screens are shown, the buttons will be pressed on the keyboard, and the physical display will be handled virtually.

Are you are a fan of the Nintendo DS games and want to experience it on your PC, then NeonDS is one of the perfect alternatives.

2DS Emulator for MAC

There are not many emulators for MAC computer users, but still, there are some that work fine. The only problem you may face is that you may need to download the ROM’s separately and load it from the ROM file by yourself.


Considered as one of the best 2DS emulators for MAC OS, it comes with a great User-interface and several emulators and platforms to choose from.

The primary requirement for OpenEMu is to have Intel, 64-bit processor, and OS*10.11 or later. Some of the key features that it offers are.

It has the Sega Saturn support. It is very CPU intensive, and the minimum requirement is quad-core i7processor for full speed.

They removed the deprecated core plugins. The Bar graphics are improved and fixed the unwanted interpolation in screenshots.

The best feature is the library that it provides. All the backups added to their appropriate library and box art is also attached.

You can also create your own collections mix from different consoles.


DeSmuMe is the first to run commercial games among the Nintendo DS emulators. They have tried to remove the complexities in the user experience and emulator internals.

You can get a good experience of core, graphics and frontend fixes. It runs either through a command line or a graphical program.

It allows us to play games on your PC using DS ROM files.

Among the many features, this emulator allows you to save the game at any time and can take videos, screenshots of the games. It is available for MAC OS X 10.3 or higher.

It shows both screens of the console, out of which the below one can control using a mouse, while the traditional pad used with the keyboard as well as with and USB gamepad connect to the computer.

You can play the console’s classics like New Super Mario Bros, Pokémon White/Black, Animal Crossing, and so on.

It allows to speed up in case emulation is slow or laggy. Supported by wire and wireless controllers, it has microphone support of original NDS ROM’s to play mike based games.


A new upcoming open source emulator by StapleButter is available for MAC. MelonDS requires a real BIOS file to work, inside your system directory.

The system directory obtained from the Settings-> Directories-> System directories. You will need the following files, bios7.bin, bios9.bin, and firmware.bin.


Another 2DS emulator for MAC up the sleeve is the SameBoy. It is an accuracy-based – focused emulator in the vein of Gambetta.

Apart from MAC is also available for many other operating systems. It relies on reverse engineered Game Boy/Game Boy Color boot ROMs to load, which load instead of the real BIOS file.

The required files for SameBoy are – ‘dmg_boot.bin’ and ‘cgb_boot.bin.’
To conclude, 2DS emulators are a great way to play the classic retro games without purchasing a Nintendo DS.

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